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koob™ is the evolution

of the audiobook.

3D sound technology tricks the brain into thinking it's experiencing sound first hand, making listeners feel like they are 'inside the story'.

Click on the image to experience 3D sound!

(use any pair of headphones)

Our technology helps children develop intuition, creativity, imagination, understanding and reasoning.

Children who continuously engage with binaural and 3D sound typically become better conversationalists, quicker thinkers and better problem solvers.

3D Audiobooks for Kids.

Our first batch of audio books are some of the greatest children stories ever written, and now your child will have the most wonderful experience listening to them in virtual reality sound.

Aladin and the magic lamp.png
Alice in Wonderland.png
Peter Rabbit.png
Peter Pan.png
WIzard of Oz.png

View our full online collection HERE

Digital downloads are available immediately,

and soon available through the Apple AppStore, Google Play and Audible.com.

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