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January 10, 2017


koob™ Virtual Reality Audiobooks set to disrupt the Audiobook Industry


The Voice Society to launch koob™, the first (and only) 3D audiobook library,

which promises to take the listener into an imagination journey like never experienced before.


HOUSTON, TX--(MARKETWIRED)--Jan. 10, 2017— The Voice Society, LLC today announced the release and start of content production line for koob™ Virtual Reality Audiobooks. For the first time, audio technology will make it possible for sound to convey actual experiences that make the listener feel immersed in the story, like ‘living inside the story’. Using patented binaural beats and 3D sound technologies, the listener’s brain is tricked into thinking it’s experiencing sounds first-hand and become part of the story as they engage in active imagination.


“As a parent myself, I continuously struggle in finding the right balance between exposing my kids to technology or the right amount of screen time, and their ability to develop critical skills like creativity, imagination and communication”, said Leonardo Basterra, Co-founder of koob. “That is why our first batch of 3D audiobooks will be some of the greatest children’s stories ever written, and kids will have the most wonderful experience listening to them in virtual reality sound”.


Backed by scientific evidence, koob claims that by listening to stories in binaural or 3D audio formats, children become quicker thinkers and better problem solvers. In an abstract by the National Center of Biotechnology (NCBI), the report highlights auditory beat simulation (ABS), as “a promising tool” to positively impact cognitive skills. In other words, by translating words and sounds to image, and connecting them to memories, dreams, and larger ideas; children stimulate parts of the brain which further develop cognitive skills.

“We believe this unique audio technology can be leveraged to further develop and strengthen our independent thinking, imagination and creativity. Our goal is to evolve the audiobook as we know it, and build a massive library of 3D stories in multiple genres, including fantasy, adult fiction, religion and therapy, among others,” said Maria Tapias, Co-founder of koob.

Koob will release a batch of 40 audiobooks by the end of 2017, and is currently inviting everyone to their website,, to experience their first two children’s storybooks. Sign-up for news, updates and rewards in anticipation to the koob™ Virtual Reality Audiobooks launch in Google Play, Apple Store and in Spring 2017.

About The Voice Society, LLC

Houston-based The Voice Society™ is a marketing communications firm focused on the use of technology for creative innovation in education, entertainment and branded experiences. Founded by Leonardo Basterra and Maria Tapias, two Advertising Industry veterans, TVS helps small and medium businesses integrate the disciplines of analytics, strategy, creative innovation and social engagement into their marketing and advertising platforms. They hold multiple patents and proprietary technology platforms, one of which is koob.



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